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Opened in 2000, Power Talk provides students with an international atmosphere that promotes English learning at a rapid pace. Our goals are not just to have kids pass entrance tests, but to ensure they can catch up and compete with the native English kids they study alongside. We have discovered that many kids in China nowadays can pass an IELTS test, but few are able to use advanced levels of academic English which is required for them to do well. Sadly, those who are anxious to leave quickly, suffer greatly when they sit in a foreign classroom and cannot understand what the teachers say and cannot hold conversations with classmates. At PT, we want to see kids go away confident and independent and have all the skills needed to be healthy, happy, and academically strong.

At Power Talk we provide a unique atmosphere for study which you will not find anywhere else in our local area. We teach students order, structure, and to follow western rules which will prepare our students for what life will be like abroad. In addition to English development our students also learn how to become social and well developed young adults. We have had students go abroad to: The UK, Australia, America, Canada Singapore, and New Zealand. Our students aren’t only able to simply study abroad, they are able to make new friends and live a life they never thought was possible before. 





Mission of Power Talk International:

Power Talk’s mission is to enable Chinese students to realize their dreams abroad. We not only provide the tools and skills for our students to be successful overseas academically, but in all aspects of their lives.


We believe that this is best achieved by:
 ·Developing independence and creative ability
 ·Using international curriculum
 ·Working in partnership with our students and their families
 ·Fostering and encouraging international–mindedness








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